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ROSE PRESS seeks to offer you books and other fragrant offerings that will live in your heart like an eternal time capsule, releasing their healing medicine as you need it. As a book publisher with an intimate knowledge of the creative process and its healing potential, we hold the vision that our books will connect readers to their true nature, in part through the authors' own writing journey.

"Fragrance" is not usually associated with books. In our speeded-up age, we often are told that books are only about ideas, entertainment, steps for helping us be more new and improved.  And yet there have been books that are mirrors to the soul ~ marvels of excavation, revealing the vast treasures hidden within every human heart. There have been books whose journey swept readers up into their remarkable world, leaving them with the passage of that journey in their bones and the fragrance of that atmosphere still shimmering invisibly near. There have been books so deeply entered into by their authors that they not only transmitted to their readers the scent of the impressions and understandings embodied in the book: they actually helped form the readers' very being.

This is the vision of Rose Press books: that in taking them into yourself, you discover what is most deep and essential within you ~ and it opens your heart like petals opening to the light.

That said, getting to the more subtle fragrance ~ the distillation of more earthbound, sometimes sludgy experience ~ is often what book writers dream of and work in the trenches to do. And when the book is finally complete, neither it nor its author is the same as in the beginning. Something essentializing has happened. Something ~ out of all the years and memories and ideas and possibilities dreamed of and lived through ~ has been distilled. And what is left on the page is the offering: the "fragrance," one might say. All the dregs have been churned up and left to sink to the bottom, leaving only the gift of the book.

This, then, is what the reader gets to experience: a hint of the churning process, but ultimately, the fragrance.

When 10,000 rose petals are gathered in the dark of early morning, placed into retorts filled with solvent, and heated over time until their oil rises as a liquid distillation, then you have just 16 ounces of that most prized (and expensive) of aromatics, rose essence (rose absolute).

In the same way, Rose Press books are the distillation of their authors' essence, refined over time and many revisions to bring you into contact with the gift of something fragrant and indescribably beautiful within yourself.









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