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RosePress The "Money & the Inner Life" Series presents:

What if every time your hands, mind, and heart touched money,

something wonderful happened?

This practical and inspiring book ~

both a ledger, and a way to record your life experiences in the act of ordinary financial transactions ~

gives you all you need to bring your heart and finances together

in an immediate, hands-on way

and reap the accruing benefits and blessings!

How wealthy could you be if your whole, real Being were taken into account?

Print book: $12.95

E-book: $12.95

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Praise for

$$$ The Portable Blessings Ledger $$$

The Portable Blessings Ledger turns our relationship with money upside-down! This financial roadmap guides you to a place where money is the vessel that illuminates your inner wisdom, brings peace to your home and family, and expresses your deepest values in the world. What a gift!”

~ Hal Brill, President, Natural Investment Services, Inc.; co-author, Investing with Your Values

This is a remarkable achievement. You've found a way to bring the inside outside, and relate it to money, in a way that brings into the world the mirror that was missing. We never learned how to be present with ourselves through our finances. The Portable Blessings Ledger should be everywhere, including taught in schools. You've pioneered something we can all use.”

~ Doreen Hamilton, author, Essential Speaking: The 7-Step Guide to Finding Your Real Voice

I am so touched by how The Portable Blessings Ledger is all put together. It has lifted up my own standard and has inspired me to find a way to balance my life and to write from a much deeper and more heartfelt place. I feel very grateful to connect with your generosity of spirit.”

~ Shelley Klammer, author, Collage for Self-Discovery

The book is very nonjudgmental. You're only asked to observe yourself. This allowed me to actually use it and notice what's going on in my finances and inside me. The beauty and care and loving nature surrounding this book opened my heart to the mystery of money, and its ebb and flow. It is always surprising to see how much goes out, with so little remembrance; and how lovely the gratitude always is, when the flow returns to our shores, supporting and sustaining us. ”

~ Risala Mary Laird, Book Arts Educator

A rich, meaningful life awaits you!

Entry Form


$ The Premise $

$$   The Promise $$

$$$ The Benefits  $$$

$$$$  The Format   $$$$

$$$$$$$   The Transformation  $$$$$$$

The premise

of this unique and timely book is that if you approach every financial transaction with a willingness to discover the blessings that are connected with them (both those that come towards you and those that come from you), they will appear.

The promise

is that if you do this, the process will transform your life, your finances, your heart, your community, and your planet.

The benefits

include a no-stress way to record every financial transaction down to the penny, and how your transactions reveal ~ and help to heal ~ your deep inner life. (Good for your record-keeping, budgeting, taxes, and emotional and spiritual well-being, too.)

The format

of The Portable Blessings Ledger enables you to keep track of everything you make and spend, down to the penny. This helps you budget, keep accurate records for taxes and personal/business assessment, and learn where your money goes ~ all the nuts-and-bolts of record-keeping.

SPENDING FORMS enable you to record:

1. The dollars - & - cents data:

    1Date   1Transaction number   1What you purchased   1Where you purchased it  1Why you are purchasing it (the appeal) 

    1How you paid for it (check, cash, atm, credit card, etc.)   1Amount you spent   1Is it tax-deductible?

2. What the transaction reveals about how you're thinking, feeling, perceiving, etc. (your inner life):  "And the story unfolds..."

3. And how things look to you after jotting down all the above: "Blessings in balance."

INCOME FORMS enable you to record:

1. The dollars - & - cents data:

    1Date   1Transaction number   1Source of income   1Conditions under which you received it  1Satisfaction level 


2. What receiving this income reveals about your inner life (beliefs, obstacles dispelled, desires, joys, etc.): "And the story unfolds..."

3. And how things look to you after jotting down all the above: "Blessings in balance."

ADDITIONAL FORMS to help you track the financials and the blessings include:

    1Musings pages   1Anticipated income    1Future payments to stay tuned to   1Apportionment of income (for bank deposits)

    1Celebrations   1End-of-period assessment forms (Financial & Life Story)   1And more.

The inner-life blessings

Because these data-details are part of a larger story ~ a context of finding your true nature and true desires, and learning that the Universe can meet them well ~ your inner life is given room to surface and become conscious through your brief jottings-down of the blessings that transpired. So while you are tracking your finances, you are also rewriting the story of your life by becoming intimately aware of the soul-story pattern that reveals itself in the process.

Keeping this ledger transforms everything ~ how you see your life, the abundance flowing to you, and the expansion of your heart that makes you a source as well as a recipient of blessings.


$$ And More Benefits $$

The Portable Blessings Ledger will transform your experience of:

  1. money,
  2. yourself in the world,
  3. bommunity, and
  4. Reality

in (a) a practical, nuts-and-bolts way; (b) a deep, creative way; and (c) a spiritual way:

Practical: By making it possible to stay with recording the facts and figures of your financial life ~ information you can use for budgeting, taxes, self-awareness, etc. ~ on an ongoing basis, The Portable Blessings Ledger makes it easy to write down every expense, every penny of income, and the data of every financial transaction. (This is essential for developing a budget, an understanding of money's power in your life, accurate records for business and taxes, etc.)

Creative: And because these facts and figures are associated with the stories of your deeper, inner life (as you will see) it will be fascinating and creative, rather than tedious, to keep the ledger part. So you can stay with it on an ongoing basis, rather than making New-Year's-Eve-type resolves that only last a little while.

Spiritual: By awakening you to the presence of the blessings connected with all your financial transactions (once you start looking for them, with the help of this book), what formerly may have seemed completely external to you and difficult to control now shows itself as being clearly connected to what is happening inside you ~ nothing less than grace. As your growing consciousness of blessings brings about real-life experiences in the world of blessings in connection with money, your worldview will transform. You will know yourself to be part of a much larger whole; to be guided and supported when you look in that direction.

Each time you use The Portable Blessings Ledger to record:

something of your deep inner life is revealed to you and enhanced. So your inner and outer worlds become one, and your finances get to be as expanded and fulfilling as your expanding heart.

~ Contents ~

$  of The Portable Blessings Ledger   $

Print book: $12.95

E-book: $12.95

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~ Chapter Excerpts ~

$$$   Income Form   $$$

{Example from the Author's Experience}

Date: Thursday, April 7th
Transaction #: 1
Source of income: Patricia S., book development client
Conditions: I had already worked with her husband on his book, so she knew of my work. But when she saw my ad, she realized that she could enlist me to help her write her own book.
Satisfaction level: Incredibly high
Amount received: $113.00

Patricia is one of the great treasures in my work, both in allowing me to help develop her book and in continually reminding me that everything is part of the journey. She reads me the short pieces of writing she has been able to carve time for ~ a triumph, considering her very young child. I listen to her read the writing she has wrested away from sleep, her voice low and evoking forests, rivers, a city in Illinois I have never been to before now. My head is as clear as I can make it so that I am of good use to her, my imagination traveling with her through the lakes and trees, the woundings and callings of her childhood and beyond.

“Thank you for receiving this,” she says to me at reading's end, lifting her eyes up from her laptop computer, taking in my deep listening, and handing me a check.

“Thank you,” I answer, almost speechless, exalted by the beauty of her search, her recording, her gifts; realizing that serving the deep Self is the greatest privilege.

Blessings in balance: As they say, “I get paid to do this?” In truth, if I had to, I would pay her to help her birth this difficult and exquisite story that reveals so much of me to myself, as well.

$$$   Spending Form   $$$

{Example from the Author's Experience}

Date: Wednesday, May 19th
Transaction #: 1
Items purchased: Food
Where purchased: Berkeley Bowl Supermarket
Appeal: (a) weekly shopping, and (b) party supplies
How paid for: Personal check
Amount spent: $214.48

Tomorrow is our wedding anniversary celebration, and I am standing at the check-out counter, an abundance of food ranged on the conveyor belt slowly moving towards the cashier. With excitement and a little guilt at the sheer plenitude of what I have gathered up here, I note the 3 packages of chicken thighs, the pound of long-grain brown rice, the oblong of French bread, the package of unsalted butter, 2 full plumped-up plastic bags filled with greens for salad, 2 kinds of salad dressing, 3 kinds of juices, ripe red tomatoes spilling over inside the plastic bag, a handful of Japanese eggplants, a bottle of sparkling cider, baking supplies for a cake, and much, much more.

The cashier, a young woman, smiles at me and rings up my purchases. I watch each item appear on the computer screen, totalling up to an increasing amount. Each item is not so much, individually; but as I watch them add up, I begin to realize that I am about to spend more than twice what I usually spend on weekly shopping. But we're having guests, I think. It's a celebration. Still, as I take out my checkbook and start to write the check, guilt sets in, a low-level panic.

I take a breath, remember that the purpose of this expense is shared joy. And things brighten up again.

As I'm writing the date on the check, I remember that I wanted to buy today's paper. Someone I know has a book that's been reviewed. I look in my purse, but don't have any change.

“Could I write this for 25 cents over?” I ask the cashier.

“I'm sorry,” she says, actually looking sorry. “We can't give change with checks—”

But before she can finish her sentence, the young man bagging my groceries at the end of the counter looks up and smiles. “I'll give you 25 cents,” he offers, with a full-tilt sunny smile.

I know his face from the last 15 years I've shopped here. I even know his name. It's Rick. Rick digs into his pocket for a quarter, his smile undisturbed.

Oh!” I cry, deeply moved by his offer. I know it's only a quarter, but I've just spent more money on food than he probably makes in half a week of work. Something in me is primed to protest, “No, no, please!” But I don't succumb to it. His gift is genuine, and larger by far than the amount he is giving me. Though Rick may not be thinking in terms of “money and compassion,” his putting them together lifts my spirit well beyond the cash value.

I thank him gratefully, and watch him bag my ten bags of food into two carts. I'm offered the help of an employee to wheel the second cart to my car. I can't say, “No thanks, I can manage,” because I can't. I have to receive.

I push one cart forward, and a young woman employee gets behind the second cart, smiles, and starts to push it toward the sliding doors.

But then a voice from behind me calls out. “Wait! Your quarter!” Rick runs after me, puts the quarter in my hand. I'd left it behind on the counter. The offer itself had provided so many dividends, I'd forgotten the thing itself.


Blessings in balance: Food. Community. Kindness. $ out, $ in. Not alone.

$$$   Musings Page   $$$

Musings Pages allow you to reflect on your thoughts, feelings, and insights concerning money, so that you can find your way to clarity and healing. You can use Musings Pages:

An amazing thing is that sometimes, simply in the act of “musing” (contemplating the inner aspects of the situation from this perspective), you are likely to find your outer experience changing for the better, as well.

Three simple statements help bring your inner/outer life into focus:

1. “This is what's going on in me as I think about money, deal with money, worry about money, attempt to bless the conditions in my life relative to money.”

2. “And, having expressed the above, this is what I notice in myself now regarding my inner state and outer possibilities.”

3. [Later:] “And this is what actually manifested as a result of my becoming conscious of all this.”

In this way, you aren't just keeping track of your feelings and your finances.

You are building a more aligned consciousness, too!

{For an example from the author's experience, click here}


Print book: $12.95

E-book: $12.95

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