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& Other Fragrant Offerings

to Bring You Home to

Your Self


A publishing house

for your inner garden


These are wonderful books. They have their own fragrance, which you will experience when you read them.

What does it mean to read a fragrant book? It means you are transported to someplace seemingly outside you that turns out also to be inside you. Sometimes, we just have to be reminded.

These books are those reminders.

Some open up new territory for us to consider with all of us (not only our minds), and see if the path thus opened up is valuable to follow.

Some recall truths and beauties set aside long ago, which inwardly clamor to be reclaimed and taken back.

Some are vast in scope, while others are intimately personal. Yet whether they traverse the macrocosm or the microcosm of human existence, and its context is a deeper order, all are essential about you. Because there's always more to you than you may have thought.

And that "something more" keeps growing...becoming...evolving...blossoming.

Rich with composted wisdom, fragrant with growth that carries on the breeze of your rapt breath as you read, these books will inspire you, move you, touch you, often delight you, help you come through dark places in your own and the collective psyche, and beautifully encourage your flowering.


Because an enriching reading experience gets even better with continuity, we offer you a series of books. So far, we have four series to help bring you home to yourself:

Series 1: Making the Creative Process Your Own

Series 2: Money & the Inner Life

Series 3: Healing the World from the Inside Out

Series 4: The Poetry of Ordinary Life

Within these series, in some cases, are internal series. In the case of Rahima Warren's visionary novel, The Star-Seer's Prophecy (Series 3), this means a trilogy. Other books, such as Naomi Rose's Starting Your Book and its companion Process Notebook (Series 1), build cumulatively on what came before. The good news is that if you like any of the books in the series, you can grow with them. They can be both compost and fragrant bouquet for you.

Although each book opens the door to a different landscape and view, taken together they form a living, resonant body of work, layering and deepening your intimacy with your true nature. What kind of world can we inhabit and create when nurtured and stimulated from this place? This is the hope and the beckoning scent of Rose Press books.


To complement your reading and your integration of the living message in each book, there are specially designed flower essence remedies, which you will find on the "Other Fragrant Offerings" page of this website.


And now, the books:


~ 1 ~

~ Making the Creative Process Your Own ~

Books on the creative process by Naomi Rose

Starting Your Book: A Guide to Navigating the Blank Page by Attending to What's Inside You

The Process Notebook (a companion workbook to Starting Your Book)


Starting Your Book Starting Your Book Click here 



  The Process Notebook  ring binder Stock Photo - 5097647 Click here

or use wit

2.h Star


~ 2 ~

~ Money & the Inner Life ~

  How connecting to the inner life  

transforms our relationship to money

Books by Naomi Rose

MotherWealth: The Feminine Path to Money

The Portable Blessings Ledger: A Way to Keep Track of Your Finances

and Bring Meaning & Heart to Your Dealings with Money


C:\Documents and Settings\user\My Documents\MotherWealth\MotherWealth, The Feminine Path to Money (MW)\Publishing MW vol 1\MotherWealth cover low res.jpg

Click here



The Portable Blessings Ledger Click here




~ 3 ~

~ Healing the World from the Inside Out ~

Books by dedicated healers about healing, that are themselves healing.

Healing Civilization: Bringing Personal Transformation into the Societal Realm,

by Claudio Naranjo, MD

The Star-Seer's Prophecy trilogy: A visionary novel of the healing journey

Book One: Dark Innocence

by Rahima Warren, MFT (ret.)

Healing Civilization Healing Civilzation Click here       


Dark Innocence  Click here



~ 4 ~

The Poetry of Ordinary Life

Books on how the beauty, wonder, and poignancy of life is right here ~

if only we can see it

A New Life: Poems by Ralph Dranow

A New Life  Click here




"A book is like a garden carried in your pocket."

Rose Press ~ a publishing house for your inner garden 

Starting Your Book: A Guide to Navigating the Blank Page...

MotherWealth: The Feminine Path to Money

The Portable Blessings Ledger

Healing Civilization

Dark Innocence: Book One of The Star-Seer's Prophecy

A New Life: Poems by Ralph Dranow