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RosePressThe Reader's Nook


"If you asked for a few words of guidance and comfort,

I would quickly kneel by your side and offer a whole book as a gift."

~ Hafiz


It all depends on what you read, and on who you are when you are reading it.


The "where" can be an outer wonderful place -- a reading nook made by a bay window and a view outside of a thriving garden ... sitting under a nurturing tree, the breeze touching your cheek as you immerse yourself in the book's pages.

But you also can have a "where" of an inner place, no matter where your outer reading environment is.

I have read under trees ... in all the homes in which I've lived since childhood ... in libraries ... onscreen ... in my car (not while driving).  I have read how-to books and immersive, atmospheric books ... books of information and books of leaps of imagination.  And I'm sure you have, too.

But did you ever consider that the "place" inside you makes as much or more of a difference than the place where you find yourself externally?


                    When 100,000 rose petals are gathered in the dark of early morning, placed into retorts

                      filled with solvent, and heated over time until their oil rises as a liquid distillation,

                      then you have just one pound of that most prized (and expensive) of aromatics,

                      rose essence (rose absolute).

                      In the same way, Rose Press books are the distillation of their authors' essence,

                      refined over time and many revisions to bring you into contact with the gift

                      of something fragrant and indescribably beautiful within yourself.



May your inner garden flourish


Naomi Rose

Publisher, Rose Press


"A book is like a garden carried in your pocket."  ~ {Old proverb}